Two Weeks of Amazing Nothingness

This entry marks the end of my incredible 2 week holiday. Did I go somewhere fabulous and exotic? No. Take part in some crazy new adventure? No. Completely the opposite. The last 14 days have mostly consisted of sleeping, eating and generally being a massive lazy slob. But nevertheless, it has been a fantastic break. There’s no getting away from the fact that medicine is ridiculously stressful and grinds you down throughout the year, until you start crying into your empty cans of lidl energy drink. This magical period of time after exams have finished and before new classes start is just THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD.

Not to say my 2 weeks have been completely unproductive – here’s a wee reminder of some of the things I got up to.

Grace’s visit to Dundee right after my exams, and a trip to St Andrews for tea and scones (that took almost an hour to locate… but worth it). Because we are just that posh…

 Delicious white hot chocolate (loving our new local coffee shop!) and homemade pizzas!!

My beautiful baby girl Paris who made my trip home terrifying when she became ill and we had to take several trips to the vets. Luckily all is well now!

Repeating the St Andrews magic with Petro after her exam was over – another lunch in our favourite restaurant, The Grill House, a sunny stroll around St Andrews Cathedral and more cups of tea!

Unfortunately this state of blissful nothingness is now drawing to an end, and tomorrow I start uni again (at the slighter later time of 9:30am, at least that’s something..). But it will be a nice change from “medicine” medicine, four weeks of International Health. Fingers crossed I’ll enjoy it seeing as I’ve chosen to do a whole extra year of International Health as my BMSc! As wonderful as it’s been to have this break, I’m probably ready to go back – there’s only so long I can go on spending everyday in my pajamas, watching ridiculous amounts of movies, baking yummy fairy cakes and not waking up until the afternoon.

(Although saying that, another two weeks wouldn’t be half bad…)

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