The Sun Comes Out in Scotland!

It seems like summer has finally reached us here in Scotland!  The last two days in Dundee have been absolutely beautiful… a welcome change from all the cold, wind, cold and rain we’ve been enjoying in May so far. The last time I can remember having good weather was back in March, right before my exams when I was spending all my time cramming in the library.

But not this time! With a week of private study, I happily ignored the essay I have to write, and headed out to enjoy the sun! It was absolutely beautiful… and I have the sunburn to prove it. Ouch.

Tuesday was a trip to Lunan Bay, one of Scotland’s most gorgeous beaches. It’s funny, when I first moved up here 8 years ago, if someone had mentioned a beach I would have looked at them like they were crazy. And it’s true, 364 days of the year you’d be trying to make a sand-cave just to keep warm, while sipping a flask of tea through chattering teeth. But just sometimes… you get a day like this. And what else can you do but throw on a bikini, get a BBQ going and spend an incredible day sunbathing in the unspoiled, golden sand. Bliss!


Today was forecast to be another beautiful day, so me and Petro decided to finally visit Dundee’s Botanical Gardens – something that we had been promising to do for a long time! We managed to find them no problem thanks to a very helpful bus driver, but I quickly made an unfortunate discovery – I had left my memory stick at home in my laptop – nooooooo! So I only managed to grab a few photos on my cameras internal memory. It was an absolutely stunning day, and we spent a while just wandering amongst the flowers.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper day out without a picnic. We had made a quick trip to Tesco before leaving, and after finding a sunny spot on the grass (not very difficult) it was time to tuck into sushi! Tesco sushi may not be the best quality in the world, but I absolutely love it, especially dripping with soy sauce… mmmm.

We strolled round the gardens a little more, before popping into the greenhouse to look at the Rainforest plants. It was ridiculously hot and we left dripping with sweat (attractive). As we made our way to the cafe for our standard cup of tea, we saw a few people cooing over something on the grass. When they left, we quickly headed over to investigate… and look what we found!

Just time for a cup of tea and a delicious scone (could I be anymore English?) before heading back. Picture taken on my phone so the quality is not great… but I can’t have afternoon tea WITHOUT taking a picture!

After we’d soaked up the last tiniest bit of sun, it was time to head home. So I’m happy to say, it’s been an absolutely wonderful couple of days. I only hope this beautiful weather continues! Sadly stuck in uni all day tomorrow, but already planning a sneaky lunchtime sunbathe. Although I think I’ll have to keep my shoulders and back completely covered… funny how sunburn gradually gets worse hours after the damage is done! (Actually it’s not funny, it’s bloody painful.)

I love Dundee… the sunniest city in Scotland!

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