Turning 22… Whiskey, Wellies and Whips!

So this Friday was my 22nd birthday. Yikes. Kind of terrifying not to be 21 anymore, which people always seem to quote as the “time of their lives” (Oh, to be 21 again…). Hopefully it’s not all downhill from here…

Well, if this weekend is anything to go by – 22 is going to be a great year.

I didn’t have to bother organising my own party as the lovely Thomas was celebrating his 21st in style on Friday. This meant I could relax and just enjoy the day. It was absolutely gorgeous outside, but as I was still ridiculously sunburnt I spent the morning hiding out in my room, before heading to Dukes for a late lunch with the girls. The garden was absolutely PACKED, my pizza arrived 20 minutes before everyone elses, and the last orders not arriving until 40 minutes later. When Hannah arrived straight out of surgery, her burger and chips took over an hour to get here. Still… it was worth it!

It was then a stroll up to the post office to collect a fantastic birthday package from my parents! They sent a Clinique tinted moisturiser, fancy cake doilies (to nuture my new love of baking), a biscuit tin and delicious oaty cookies, fancy chocolates and some pretty floral toiletries, all wrapped up beautifully – almost certainly by Mum!

I also opened presents from my flatmates, who had as always done a great job! There was the H&M playsuit I had been (heavily) hinting about for ages, bright nail varnishes, a big teacup and saucer (swiftly broken by Petro…!) and soap and glory goodies. In other words,  a very happy Alice!

Then it was time to get ready for Thomas’ Discovery do. What. An. Amazing. Night. We started at 6:30 with a champagne reception on the boat which was absolutely beautiful, and we all felt like we were on Made in Chelsea or something equally glamorous, dahling. The weather was incredible with the late sun shining down on us. The staff was constantly coming round and topping up our glasses, and there was much more than the promised two glasses! I wore my recent charity shop dress to cover up my burnt legs, and everyone looked beautiful. Some of the boys had even scrubbed up into kilts!

A few of Hannah’s photos, as I didn’t bring my camera:

It was then onto Clarks pub for some more drinks and nibbles. Unfortunately I missed the nibbles as I was too busy creeping on every single guy in the place. (Fairly standard once I’ve had a few drinks…) One of the highlights was running into Gordan, a simulated patient  who is also an absolutely lovely man. Whilst many of the students greeted him with a solid handshake, I decided it would be more appropriate to give him a huge bear hug, proclaim my love for him and buy him a tequila shot. I think he enjoyed himself too. We then moved on to Liquid, where we danced the night away far too quickly! When the club kicked us out I wasn’t ready for bed, so headed the casino for a spot of food before crawling into bed at 5am.

The next day, needless to say, I was once again very hungover. Tim was coming to visit me at 1pm, but luckily he knew where I lived so made his own way from the train station to wake me up. We headed to Tesco to buy lunch, and spontaneously decided it was the perfect day for a BBQ. The two of us plus Petro and Tamlyn strolled down to Magdalen Green for some delicious sausages and burgers and to soak up the rest of the days sun.

Snapped on my phone; our beautiful BBQ:

After Tim had caught his train on to Edinburgh, I had a lazy evening on watching TV and falling into bed at an embarrassingly early hour. Perfect.

Yesterday (Sunday) was an equally lazy start, but with something exciting to look forward to – my Murder Mystery Party! We had been planning it for a wee while, and I was really excited to get my outfit sorted and get suitably glammed up for my role… A glamour model, Viv Ascious. I used Rimmel’s Instant Tan and Nadine’s Girls Aloud party eyelashes to complete the “look”, as well as darkening my eyebrows, adding a beauty spot and masses amounts of make-up… and throwing on my sunglasses, gold heels and a tight black dress. Petro (my South African rugby-playing boyfriend), Tamlyn (a sexy blonde IT girl) and Rachael (a ballerina tooth-fairy) got suitably dressed up in character and we were ready to go!

It was an “everyone bring a dish” event, so we turned up at Isla’s house armed with Mac’n’cheese, cocktail sausages and sausage rolls, crisps and dips and a big tub of banana cupcakes (my proud achievement of the day)… as well as eight bottles of wine. When we arrived it was brilliant to see everyone having made an effort and looking fantastic! The wine was quickly flowing and we happily sat down around Isla’s living room to start the first round.

I had never been to a Murder Mystery before and I was relieved to find it wasn’t too complicated after all. We all took turns by reading a little about our characters, followed by three rounds. In each round there were clues to reveal, scripts between the characters and a chance for us to improvise and act as detectives. The game was called Whiskey, Wellies and Whips – which all had a bit of a role in the story. The best bit was discovering that various characters seemed to have a strong fetish for whips…! Between each round there was a break for food, and everyone had made such an effort. There were stuffed peppers to start, lasagna, macaroni cheese and greek vegetables for main, and apple crumble, eton mess and baked cheesecake for dessert. YUM. I ate so much that I slightly regretted wearing such a tight dress!!

At the end of the round, the murderer was revealed to be Holly Wood (ie, Ellen) – a glamorous actress, which was a slight surprise as she had been the obvious choice throughout. However, hardly anyone went for her, so I guess we were all taken in by the double bluff. Clearly we were all trying to be too smart.

After the night had drawn to a close, me, Petro and Tamlyn decided to hit Underground for a wee dance before heading home. We didn’t stay too long but it was good fun… the highlight being when a random girl came up behind me and energetically squeezed my bum, only to smile and wave when I turned around. On arriving home I had a couple more presents to unwrap – a lovely ethnic sparkly bag from Gemma, and a beautiful silver bracelet from Hannah and Eleni. Spoilt much!

So that was the end of my fabulous birthday weekend… waking up this morning it’s now time to focus on my presentation and essay both due in this week *eep*. But I had such a blast, and can’t wait for an excuse to have another murder mystery party!

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