The Diamond Jubilee / Grandma’s 85th

This weekend I was home with the family, celebrating both the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and, more importantly, Grandma’s 85th birthday.

With a house full of visitors, including small excitable cousins, it was impossible to stay fixed to the TV. Instead the celebrations were watched periodically throughout the weekend, and we watched the highlights later. The fact that it was Grandma’s birthday made it even more special – at 85 and 91 years old, she and Grandma have grown up alongside Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

Obviously I wasn’t lucky enough to be down in London, so these photos are nicked from Pioneer Press. I think they capture the atmosphere pretty well!

But now, onto the more important bit – my lovely Grandma celebrates her 85th! It’s not often we have big family get-togethers so it was great to have everyone here; Grandma and Grandpa, Karen and Simon with Harry and Lauren, and Dan and Elly with Edward and William had all made the effort to travel up from England (even if it had taken a certain party three days to make the journey…). Nana had also come up for the weekend. She was here from the Friday when I arrived home, so the first couple of days were pretty chilled out and involved lots of catching up, cooking, and car boot sale-ing!

This quiet, serene calm came crashing down on Monday when everyone arrived at once. As usual Mum had performs miracles to lay out ridiculous amounts of food. Me and Ian had also whipped up an Oreo Cheesecake (from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe) which I had attempted to make the previous week – whilst delicious, it had completely failed to set. Not this time!

Now, let the celebrations begin… It was great to see everyone all together, and really lovely for Grandma on her birthday. Harry had grown about four feet since I last saw him, and William was as cute as ever, assembling a police HQ in our study. Dan as usual was sneakily taking photos of absolutely everything – and I took some nice snaps too! For Grandma’s main present, Mum had framed one of my old paintings. I had mixed feelings about giving Grandma an enormous picture of my face, but she seemed happy with it!

There were many more photos, but most of them blurry! I hope to steal some of Dan’s photos, which I’m sure we will eventually get sent. But I am taking a huge bunch of happy memories from the weekend, and was sad to leave. We even had a tiny bit of sun on Tuesday, and were able to eat in the garden! Let’s hope we’ll all have another get-together one day soon… maybe when the sun stays out for longer than an hour.

Oh, and I have to throw in a quick mention of my own birthday, which was celebrated on the Friday night with cake, cards and presents!

And who will I miss most of all? (Let’s hope my family don’t read this bit!) My beautiful Paris, of course!!

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