Sizzling in Segovia

On Saturday I went to visit Segovia with my Spanish family. This had been one of the places on my “I really want to see list” and it definitely didn´t disappoint! Just an hours drive from Madrid, Segovia is packed full of old school charm, and even the throngs of tourists can´t take away it´s appeal. What follows is a brief account of the visit, with the pictures doing most of the talking for me.

Segovia is dominated by its famous aqueduct, which was constructed at the end of the 1st century (fair to say, it´s been around a while). The aqueduct is the most important roman civil engineering work in Spain, and (alarmingly) the huge granite blocks have no cement between them, or anything else to hold them together. The sheer weight of the bricks holds the aqueduct together. I suppose if it´s lasted nearly 2000 years, they must have done something right.

We then strolled on to visit the Cathedral, the last gothic cathedral built in Spain and pretty damn impressive. Needless to say many touristy photos were taken before wandering down the little streets full of sourvenir shops. Segovia is beautiful, and understandably has flocks of tourists (which I can´t really complain about, considering we were included) which have to be catered for!

The Alzacar, or the Palace of Segovia was our last stop. After a stroll around the palace, including a tour of the very freaky suits of armour, me and Sandra climbed the tower to enjoy the view from the top. Walking up over 150 steps up a teeny-tiny winding staircase at 35 degrees was not easy. Actually, not easy is an understatement – by the time we had reached the top, I was almost certain that I was about to die. I want to say that the view from the top was worth it. I think it was.

After having seen the best sights of Segovia, as well as exploring the small streets full of shops, cute plazas and gardens, all in the blazing heat, it was about time to return to the car and visit some friends of the family. I left Segovia feeling so happy that I had seen it, one of the lovliest places in Spain that I have seen so far. It is definitely somewhere I would like to go back to and preferingly spend the night, so I could explore when it is cooler and there are less large tourist groups. But neither the heat or its popularity take away from its charm, and I would urge anyone visiting Spain to consider stopping by!

Only one one to end a fantastic day out – with friends, relaxing outside, with the most incredible Spanish paella.

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