A Little Bit About Me…

I’m Alice! I was born in Oxford, but moved to Scotland 8 years ago. I currently study medicine and have just finished my third year. Next year I am studying an extra year in International Health, which is something that interests me a lot. So, three years down, three more to go! I love to travel and am lucky enough to have had some unforgettable experiences in my 21 (nearly 22!) years. I also love spending time with my friends, drinking endless cups of tea and writing when I have the time.

I started this blog to write about my adventures au-pairing in Spain this summer, mostly because I wanted something to look back on, and also something to share with my family and anyone else who might be interested! Now I’m also excited to write about my mundane everyday life too, and am starting to quite enjoy this blogging malarkey…

8 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Me…

  1. Hi Alice! You are so darling — great hair!! — and I have been loving reading your blog about Israel !! Thanks for following Heifer 12 x 12 — welcome aboard & good luck with all your studies!!

  2. Hey there Alice!

    Sharing own heart and daily life with others is just the best of hobbies in my opinion. Because it always reminds us who really are we… And we keep changing ourselves for better…

    Great blog and great posts… Keep entertraining…


    • Haha I´m not sure if I´m qualified enough to give you advice… I think a lot of it is luck and getting a nice family. With the kids, it´s cool to be on their level and a friend, but make sure they know you are the boss too, or they might try and push it! (saying that we are lucky, we basically get to be like “cool grown-ups”!)

      One thing that you can do is try and meet people nearby (if you are with an agency they should connect you with other au pairs) and then at least you have somewhere to escape to when needed! Oh, and maybe get involved in a language exchange so you pick up the language on the cheap. Have an amazing time, I absolutely love my au pair family, and will be so sad to leave Spain – hopefully you will have a great time too 🙂

      (oh and its cool to hear from a male au pair, you seem to be a rare breed!!)

      • Yeah we are a rare breed, ut there are a few of us out there, I took over from a male au pair too. I’ve been really lucky with my family, the mother and kids are all so nice. I haven’t contacted any other au pairs yet and I think I will. Wish you all the best!

      • That´s good, a nice family and you´re all set!! Thanks, my time here is just coming to and end now and I´m gutted to be leaving… very jealous of you right now, enjoy your time in Germany and see as much as you can!

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